To bring you funny and entertaining stuff as well as the latest and greats news and views from the world of comics. We don’t just talk about the books, we talk about the Comic Culture, from music to fashion, to even relationships!

Company Overview:

Watchtower Radio began as one weekly 15-minute show about funny books in 2007. Since then, it’s expanded to an hour long podcast, weekly radio show, annual live show, video channel and more! Now, in June 2012 Watchtower radio really takes off, adding two new shows to the roster and setting sights on total world domination! Well, probably not TOTAL, but a good chunk. Maybe Portland…

Show Descriptions:

The Watchtower – Donnie Coulter and Jeff Moss bring you a weekly dose of the Non-Frightening Lightning and deep into the world of comics. A variety of topics and interviews designed to peel back the layers of the comics industry, all delivered to you with a healthy dose of humor and belligerence.

Travels In My Skin – Debuting October 2014, this show follows Moss as he and co-host Carmen Nyssen of Buzzworthy Tattoo explore the rich cultural history behind getting inked!

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Previous Guests on The Watchtower Include:

Jeff Smith (Bone, Rasl)
Neal Adams (Superman, Batman)
Terry Moore (Strangers In Paradise, Echo)
Jim Mahfood (Stupid Comics, Clerks, Kick Drum Comics)
Albizu Rondon (Lead designer, New Era Caps)
Andrew Bolton (Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Dale Eaglesham (JSA)
Lar DeSouza (Looking For Group, Least I Could Do)
Jim MaClauchlin (The Hero Initiative)
Barry Levine (President, Radical Comics)
Sam Sarkar (Caliber)
Craig Rousseau (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Perhapnauts)
Jessica Abel and Gabe Soria (Life Sucks)
Fred Van Lente (X Men Noir, The Incredible Hercules)
Dennis Calero (X Men Noir)
Dan Goldman (Shooting War, ’08)
Brad Meltzer (Justice League of America, Buffy)
Cameron Stewart (Batman & Robin, Seaguy)
Kevin Smith (Green Hornet, Batman)
LIGHTS (Captain Lights)
Adam West (Batman)
Mike Deodato Jr (Dark Avengers, New Avengers)
Derf Backderf (My Friend Dahmer)
Scott Allie (Editor, Dark Horse Comics)

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