Have The Watchtower Shill For Your Store!


Hey friends!

DC has provided a radio spot for their New 52 that can be customized to fit your favorite comic store or website! The interesting part? It’s awful. So why not let us make it better for you?

Since we are never ones to pass up on attention, We are offering the services of Jeff Moss and Donnie “Questy” Coulter to voice the commercial, free of charge!

Ever spot we record will be customized to your favorite store and aired on The Watchtower. Then, you can air the spot on local radio, play it in store or make it a ringtone! Whatever you like!

Just send your store’s information to Jeff @ thewatchtowerpodcast.com and we will do the rest! Just let us know if you would like a 60 second or 30 second spot, and tell us a little bit about the store.

Check out the original script below and let us make you a better one to bring the DC New 52 to your earholes!

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