The Watchtower: Episode 269


This week on The Watchtower it’s a TV and Movie Extravaganza!

Wonder Woman! Justice League! Amazing Spider-Man! X-Men: Days of Future Past! These are all things and we will tell you about them.

Also, what’s the deal with New Mutants #98 and as a special treat, Donnie Does The Power Rangers Movie!

And it continues into the News of The World, the Forecast and of course your phone calls!

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3 Responses to “The Watchtower: Episode 269”

  1. Gerry Alanguilan
    2:07 am on December 12th, 2012

    I hated X-Men 3. And I don’t mind if Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart come back. I can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with Donnie more nowadays. ha! ha! Sorry Jeff.

  2. Moss
    7:25 pm on December 17th, 2012

    hahaha I’d never hold it against you, my friend! It’s perfectly ok for anyone to be wrong! 😛

  3. CM
    1:21 pm on December 20th, 2012

    I actually think it’s possible to bring in actors from the original trilogy (Jackman made a cameo already, and Stewart and McKellan are rumored) without ruining things. These actors are, for better or worse, connected in the public mind with the image of “older” versions of these characters (or, in Jackman’s case, just connected altogether with Wolverine). I think you can bring them in to save a step, skip the explanation of “this is the future” and move on to “oh, crap, what the F happened”?!

    It would also, I think, actually open up a few interesting storylines for … First Class 3 (or whatever the inevitable third movie in this series will be called), if you explore Alex Summers, and the fact that both he AND Xavier seemed to have no knowledge of Scott in the First Class timeline. (Is it so much to ask for a Mr. Sinister (or an Apocalypse) portrayed by a body double akin to Darth Vader, and voiced by either Clancy Brown or Kevin Michael Richardson?)

    All of my prognostication is predicated, however, on ONLY Jackman, Stewart, and McKellan being brought in, since most of the other actors, frankly, were subpar in my eyes. (Anna Paquin was ok as Rogue, but she really didn’t really stand out, to me, and the rest of the cast was very uninspiring. And I refuse to acknowledge the “Wolverine” movies altogether.) If you bring ALL the actors in, and make a concerted effort to really tie the two “timelines” together, I agree that it would be absolutely foolish. If you bring in outstanding actors with a pre-existing connection to three important characters, in order to help tell an interesting story, however, and that’s ALL you’re bringing them in for, I’m all for it.

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