We be back! Shayna and Moss at your service, talking comics and more!

This episode we take a look at “that” page in Civil War II #5, talk over a great new project from IDW & DC, knock around who wins in a fight Batman or Boba Fett and Marvel’s doing WHAT as a variant promotion?!

Plus we review Supergirl, Doom Patrol, Eclipse and The Great Divide, then give you the heads up on what to expect on the shelves this week!

Then, it’s a wonderful time that only comes once a year: DragonCon… and the Craigslist personal ads to go with it! Inhibitions to the wind as we skim over a few of our faves in a very NSFW segment!

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Joining the ComicCONversation!

Sorry the show’s a little late this week! I was invited to join the ComicCONversation last night and Jesse, Chris, Edwin and I had a great chat! Check it out: