Once again, I have too much to say for it to stay unsaid!

This week I’ve got a fist full of your letters and I’m gonna read ‘em all, dammit! Plus it’s a special weekend and there’s a few things to say about that (for a change!)

Where will the show go? Nobody Knows. Is there a limit? Doubtful. Will I ever stop babbling? Probably not.

That’s why I called it Moss Talks.

Be cool and find me on the socials:

Phone: 347-655-3000
Twits: @MossTalks


While You’re @ Work – The ReRuns

Hey! There seems to be an error somewhere in the process with While You’re @ Work epsiodes 49, 48, & 47.

Since I am way to lazy to track down what the issue is, here they are again, re-posted!

Enjoy ‘em. Y’know, again.