Greetings again one and all! It’s a briefer time together this week, as I’ve been busier than a a mosquito at a nudist colony. But, that doesn’t stop the signal, or me listening to the sound of my own voice!

While it’s a shorter show, there’s still lots to talk about! A quick comic and Wrestlemania wrap-up, a tune by the one and only Action Bronson and two of the fine folks involved in LARPS: The Series join me for a quick chat about their upcoming season 2!

Where will the show go? Nobody Knows. Is there a limit? Doubtful. Will I ever stop babbling? Probably not.

That’s why I called it Moss Talks.

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While You’re @ Work – The ReRuns

Hey! There seems to be an error somewhere in the process with While You’re @ Work epsiodes 49, 48, & 47.

Since I am way to lazy to track down what the issue is, here they are again, re-posted!

Enjoy ‘em. Y’know, again.