Jeff Moss


Jeff Moss: While most kids spend their days dreaming of being firemen or astronauts, Jeff Moss was firmly holed up in his room with a stack of comic books, shying away from natural light. Jeff co-founded No Reason Comics with Dan Simon in 2006 as a way to get all the comic book groupies. Crushed when he found out they didn’t exist, Jeff turned his attention to his second love, radio. Along with Donnie Coulter, he started The Watchtower in 2007. In 2009, Jeff uprooted his life and made the arduous trek to the mythological land of Montreal, where he joined Blind Ferret Entertainment as Communications Director. Jeff also works as an editor and writer on Gutters a twice-weekly comic that parodies the entirety of the comic book world. Jeff’s first graphic novel, Virga: Sun of Suns debuted at San Diego Comicon in 2014. Jeff lives with his Transformers, Wife and Daughter in a little house on an island with two dogs who need not be named. Jeff has aspirations to one day create something as wonderful as stuffed-crust pizza

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Top 10 Cool Things In No Particular Order:

01. Fishing
02. Fantasy Metal
03. Yakking about nothing on the Radio
04. Making Comics
05. Football (Specifically, Patriots Football)
06. Tattoos, Tattoo History and Tattooing
07. Instagram (I know, I’m a dork, but I’m addicted)
08. Lucero
09. Rasslin’
10. My Idiot Dogs