Sponsorships and Advertising

Do you have a new comic or store you are looking to promote?
A creative venture or product you need to get the word out on?
Maybe a new website or service you think people should know about?

Great news! We are 100% For Sale!

Advertisements and Sponsorships on The Watchtower Radio Network are now available!

Contact us about Advertising with The Watchtower!

Advertising Rate Sheet

Effective September 1, 2014

There are total spots avails per show:
-Show Start (before the intro)
-Mid-show break (Usually before The Forecast on The Watchtower)
-End Show (after the extro)

# of Episodes Show Start End Show Mid Show Full Show (All Ad Spots In One Show)
1 $12 $15 $5 $30
2 $22 $28 $10 $56
3 $30 $39 $15 $80
4 $36 $48 $20 $99

We can run any and as many different approved :30 second commercials that you already have produced, or do a :30 live read of copy submitted by you and approved for air. Live reads are just the hosts reading the copy you provide with no songs or production elements incorporated.

If you’d like us to produce a full productions spot with music and other elements for you, that can be done as well. Contact us for pricing info on our spot production..

Add more savings to your airings by advertising on other shows in our Podcasting Network!

The Watchtower Radio Network includes 3 shows:

The Watchtower – Your weekly does of non-frightening lightning! Covering all that comics have to offer!

While You’re @ Work – All the silliness that comes into our minds while you’re working hard at your real job!

Travels In My Skin – Debuting in October 2014, this show details art and pop culture from Tattooing to T-Shirts to Everything you can think of!

Contact us for pricing & any other info!.