Travels In My Skin: Great-Uncle Bert


Travels In My Skin is back! The Tattoo Podcast unlike any other!

Sometimes things have to go away before we can really find them and such is the case with Travels In My Skin. I’ve always wanted this show to be about the history and colorful charachters that laid the groudwork for the tattoo art and culture that has now been enveloped into pop culture.

Well, to do that, I’ve gone out and found myself a co-host! Carmen Nyssen is the owner and curator of the tattoo history site Buzzworthy Tattoo and a geneological researcher. She also happens to be the grand-neice of tattoo pioneer Bert Grimm!

We explore Bert’s story(s), what he was like and what it took to be the innovator he was in this, the first episode of a new beginning for Travels In My Skin!

Questions? Comments? Let us know what you think:

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