Moss Talks: Season The Deuce


Here we go, Cats and kittends! Season 2 of MossTalks lands with an audible thud!

What have we got for you? How about somce comic talk about The Dark Knight III and the state of DC’s Financial woes? Then we dip into actual archives for some Tattoo history! After that, grips and graps as the Pro wrestling industry is going through some hard, hard times. Then finally, the most NSFW audio clip I’ve ever played… also one of the funniest!

Where will the show go? Nobody Knows. Is there a limit? Doubtful. Will I ever stop babbling? Probably not.

That’s why I called it Moss Talks.

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2 Responses to “Moss Talks: Season The Deuce”

  1. Samuel
    2:39 pm on September 4th, 2015

    Great episode. It had it all from the hard hitting migration story to comics to a little info about tattoos. Gotta admit though, the Golden Girls parody: LOL!!. I don’t think I’ll ever watch a Golden Girls episode. Keep the episodes coming. One question though, when is While You’re at Work coming back?

  2. Moss
    11:48 am on September 25th, 2015

    Hey Sam! Sorry about the delay! The short answer is, I have no idea lol.

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