The Watchtower: Episode 259 LIVE!


This week on The Watchtower, we’ve talked about it long enough and now here it is!! The first ever LIVE episode of The Watchtower, brought to you from Montreal Comic Con!

And since it’s our first live joint, we pulled out all the stops! Along with Moss, Donnie & Ari we’ve stacked the deck with big name guests:

Jim Starlin (Industry Legend, Creator of Thanos)
Becky Cloonan (Demo, Batman)
Andy Belanger (Black Church, Kill Shakespeare)

You won’t believe some of the stories and sneak peeks we’ve got in this one! It’s all live, in your face and uncut for your pleasure!

The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!

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