Episode 196: The Crankpants Hypocrite Edition


This week on The Watchtower, I’m tired, cranky and can barely remember what I said.

So, on with the show!

First up, the Black Panther is on his way to becoming the American Panther. Will this be another triumphant usurping of Cap’s costume a-la Captain Punish-erica? We shall see…

In other costume news, the internet has won! The TV version of Wonder Woman will have a much more appealing costume on the show. But if no one’s watching, will a costume falling in the woods make a sound?

Plus, the re-boot of Batman is about to take place! By Chris Nolan! Before he’s even started filming The Dark Knight Rises! Or something like that, as 2013 will (maybe) see (perhaps) a (not likely) Justice League Movie (never happen).

All that plus two massive editions of The Forecast and a double Rant Farm! I mean what else can you ask? I don’t know, but text me. I’m going to nap.

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8 Responses to “Episode 196: The Crankpants Hypocrite Edition”

  1. Simon
    8:34 pm on March 31st, 2011

    FF #1 was good but like Moss I don’t need Spider-Man in that team, especially when he’s Wolverine-ing it in X-Men and New Avengers as well. But that’s not my problem with the FF, my problem is their striking resemblance to the UK Gladiators. Warning, it cannot be unseen.


    Double rant farm, hot damn! Moss there’s nothing wrong with having a good moan if it’s something you actually give two tits about. Being negative just for the sake of being negative aint good for the soul.

    P.S. Loving the Mjonlir sfx.

  2. Joelhead78
    9:37 pm on March 31st, 2011

    “Check it out. I’m a whore.” quote of the week. It bugs me when they put #1 on a one-shot. I may have to start reading Avengers again.

  3. Jessi MacCormack
    11:27 am on April 1st, 2011

    Another really good book that came out this week was Bad Dog #4. I think it’s been spaced out from #3 for as long or longer than Ultimate Comics X.

  4. Jessi MacCormack
    11:28 am on April 1st, 2011

    Hey maybe War Heroes is next?

  5. Moss
    12:25 pm on April 1st, 2011

    Thanks for putting up with my cranky self, all! I slept for about 14 hours after recording this and when I listened back, I was laughing at how sour I sound lol.

  6. InkedT
    4:45 pm on April 1st, 2011

    Love the constant contradictory statements, the what the internet is for. And I never got Dr. Who either.

  7. Phil McClorey
    2:15 pm on April 2nd, 2011

    Donnie have you seen the new Green Lantern footage from WonderCon?! Oh boy…awesome!

  8. Joelhead78
    8:46 pm on April 7th, 2011

    Yer killin’ me Smalls!

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