Episode 169: Donnie Rocks The Socks Off The Ol’ Xbox


This week on The Watchtower, Donnie’s full of excitement!

Moss is full of tacos. That doesn’t have a whole lot to to with this episode though.

The man they call Questy has played all of Fall’s releases for the XBox!! Halo, Mortal Kombat, and one game that is so huge to comic fans, it needed it’s own segment!!

Plus, a doctor in the US says that today’s superheroes are devoid of an merit or morality? Wha? Has she ever READ Ultimate Avengers?

And, its the biggest movie in the (comic book) world, so The Watchtower will have our Scott Pilgrim vs The World review! (kinda)

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One Response to “Episode 169: Donnie Rocks The Socks Off The Ol’ Xbox”

  1. Trodorne
    12:43 am on August 20th, 2010

    Vote for the Questies, Im shocked that you did not like the issue of Emerald Warriors Jeff. i thought this first issue is amazing. and to me going into the unknown regions of space as it will be like a western type lawless area that the new sheriff will bring in this new justice… his way. sounds like a premise for a movie. vote for the questies.

    Vote for the questies, speaking of varient covers. what is this i hear of an exclusive Alpha Flight cover varient of the Avengers #4. only 1000 being sold for i can’t believe im fishing out money for this, $10 per comic. damn those bastards for preying on my weakness for alpha flight. vote for the questies.

    Vote for the damn questies.Donnie do you not have a Wii? cause Golden Eye is being re-released for the wii exclusively and its a remake of that awesome N64 game. i know i loved it. anyways great show. I am dissapointed as i will not get to see you guys at the expo. Vote for the questies.

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